A software tool for fast flashing of BMW (MSS52,MSS54,MSS54HP,MSS54HP-CSL) ECUs
used in BMW E46 M3 and E39 M5.

This program flashes calibration data(tune) in approx. 20 seconds.

It also allows flashing different and/or customized ECU program (software).

Both tune and program files have their checksums automatically corrected.

You can "Virginize" the ECU when approaching a flashing limit to allow unlimited number of flashes.
(factory setup only allows 15 or 30 flashes depending on a tool used)

Download MSSFlasher here (Windows only). You will need VAG-COM, KKL or K+DCAN cable based on FTDI chipset.

Resetting a flash counter:

Flashing CSL software into regular MSS54HP ECU:
Download modified CSL software to run on 32300 DME version bootsector here:
CSL_32300_7837329.bin Standard CSL file for 32300 ECU ID

Purchase MSSFlasher license here:

MSSFlasher License

$59 USD

The above license will allow an installation on one computer and will be locked to the first three ECUs it will be used with.

You can upgrade your license for additional ECUs here:

Additional ECU

$19 USD

In case the automated e-mail with your license key doesn't arrive properly, you can lookup your license key here:

License lookup

Disclaimer: This software comes with no guarantee and might not be fit for any purpose. It may lock up your ECU if interrupted, or any unforseen error(s) during erasure happen - even though there are safeguards in place. In case you render your ECU unresponsive, please contact us for a possible resolution using hardware forced boot-mode, or a bench reflash.