MSS Mapper

MSSMapper allows you to load upto 8 different tune files into MSS54HP(CSL) ECU.

Switching of calibrations is accomplished by cruise control + and - buttons.

On startup, the ECU always defaults to Tune 0. This can be used for a low power "Valet" mode.

The cruise "resume" button is used to temporary select a predefined map for the duration of the button press.

Newly selected calibration is communicated back using RPM gauge (interval can be customized).

The included Windows application patches your current ECU software from a Fullbinary dump
and builds a new Fullbinary with new maps and settings. You then flash the result back into the ECU.
You can use any method to read&write the Fullbinary.
You have the option of purchasing MSS Flasher license at 50% discount together with MSS Mapper.

Limitations: At this time, only KL_ and KF_ maps are being switched. Constants are taken from the default tune.
A limited number of constants will be available for switching in the future. Please contact for details.

You're purchasing a license for a single MSSMapper installation,
which will be bound to single ECU.

Opration instructions

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Valet mode demo: